Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning - Intermediate/Senior

  1. About this service

    VCAL is a hands-on option for students and gives practical work related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills. The class builds on personal skills that are important for life and work. VCAL aims to develop skills that help young people get ready for further education, training or employment. VCAL is an accredited secondary school certificate. All prospective students must have an interview with the VCAL Coordinator. Please speak to reception to arrange an interview.

      • Service name

        Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning - Intermediate/Senior

      • Service address

        141-147 Endeavour Drive, Cranbourne North Vic 3977
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      • Phone

        03 5996 9056

      • Urgency levels


      • Service area

        City of Casey

      • Age group

        16 - 18 years

      • Additional age criteria

        Must be between 16, 17 or 18 years of age at the time of interview.

      • Eligibility criteria

        Be able to attend regularly and live in a relatively close distance to the Centre.
        An entry interview is required with all stakeholders supporting the young person.
        Be aged 16,17 or 18 years old at the time of interview.

      • Service type


      • Costs

        - Funded Course Fee - $550; Concession Course Fee - $280; At least $110 must be paid as a deposit before the student's program application is processed.

      • Disability access


    More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

      • Participation length

        - One year program (dependent on the level of student participation - shorter or longer) Mon - 09:30am to 2:30pm Tue - 09:30am to 2:30pm Wed - 09:30am to 2:30pm Thu - 09:30am to 2:30pm Fri - 09:30am to 2:30pm

      • Who can refer

        - Schools and youth service providers can refer. The individual/guardian can also make contact directly.

  2. Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning - Intermediate/Senior