Springvale Monash Legal Service

About this service

Established in 1973, Springvale Monash Legal Service (SMLS) is a community organisation that provides free legal advice, assistance, information and education to disadvantaged members of the community. SMLS aims to empower and support members of the community to use the law and the legal system to protect and advance their rights and broaden their awareness of their responsibilities; to redress imbalances in access to justice through the provision of legal assistance and information, community legal education and law reform; and to develop the confidence, skills and ethics of law students through clinical legal education in a community environment.

    • Service name

      Springvale Monash Legal Service

    • Service address

      5 Osborne Avenue, Springval
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    • Phone

      03 9545 7400

    • Urgency levels

      Additional Support

    • Service area

      City of Casey, City of Greater Dandenong, Cardinia Shire

    • Eligibility criteria

      SMLS can provide legal advice and assistance to people who are unable to resolve their legal issues because of experiences of disadvantage and/or vulnerability. Our services are focused towards:
      - young people;
      - individuals experiencing financial disadvantage;
      - people of CALD background;
      - single parents;
      - people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness;
      - people experiencing, or at risk of family violence;
      - people with a disability or experiencing mental health issues

    • Interpreters

      Yes but requires booking in advance

    • Costs

      - No costs

    • Disability access Yes
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    • Participation length

      - Dependant on legal needs

    • Who can refer

      - No referrals or appointments needed as advice is provided through drop-in services. Visit www.smls.org.au for further information