Cardinia Shire Youth Support Program

  1. About this service

    The Cardinia Youth Support Program is a confidential, generalist service, offering medium term support to young people aged 12-24 years. The Youth Support Program assists young people to identify the strengths, skills, solutions, resources and tools that are available to them in order to mobilise positive change/s in their life. Referrals are made to specialist support services as required.

      • Service name

        Cardinia Shire Youth Support Program

      • Additional sites

        The Youth Support Program operates across the Cardinia Shire. Youth support workers can see young people at: My Place Pakenham Youth Facility, 5-7 Main Street, Pakenham, schools within the Shire and community settings within the Shire.

      • Phone


      • Urgency levels

        Additional Support

      • Service area

        Cardinia Shire

      • Age group

        12 - 24 years

      • Eligibility criteria

        Young people aged 12-24 years who have strong connections to the Cardinia Shire.

      • Interpreters

        Yes but requires booking in advance

      • Service type


      • Costs

        - There is no cost to access the Youth Support Program

      • Disability access


    More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

      • Participation length

        - The Youth Support program is short to medium term support (up to 3 months)

      • Specific exclusions

        Young people who do not have strong connections to the Cardinia Shire. Young people with complex concerns and/or those who require long term and specialist services/counselling. Young people who are aged under 12 years or over 24 years.

      • Who can refer

        - Referrals can be made by: families, friends, schools, organisations or community groups with the consent of the young person requiring the support. Young people may also self-refer to this program. Referral forms can be downloaded from Council's website ( or by calling My Place Pakenham Youth Facility (18004YOUTH)

  2. Cardinia Shire Youth Support Program