Berry Street School, Noble Park Campus

About this service

The Berry Street School is a specialist independent secondary (Years 7 - 12) school. We work from a model of Trauma-Informed Positive Education, which encompasses a structured vision of wellbeing in the school and therapeutic principles of teaching and learning. Due to traumatic experiences, our students often have significant gaps in academic achievement and have found it difficult to learn in a group setting, presenting with behavioural and social problems in school. The Berry Street School provides students with an individual education plan encompassing holistic support and offering intensive literacy, numeracy and personal development programs.

    • Service name

      Berry Street School, Noble Park Campus

    • Service address

      11 Tower Court, Noble Park Vic 3174
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    • Phone

      03 9239 1400

    • Urgency levels


    • Service area

      City of Casey, City of Greater Dandenong, Cardinia Shire

    • Eligibility criteria

      Young people wishing to attend the Berry Street School must meet at least four (4) of the following criteria:
      - be of secondary school age
      - have a history of disrupted learning - sustained school absence due to school refusal, suspension and expulsions
      - have a history of poor behaviour or social difficulties within the school or community
      - have a history of personal difficulty that may stem from experiences of trauma, neglect or health issues
      - have a home environment that is unable to support the continuing education of the young person
      - show evidence that mainstream education is not appropriate at the time of enrolment

    • Interpreters

      Yes but requires booking in advance

    • Service type


    • Costs

      - There are no costs.

    • Disability access


More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

    • Participation length

      - Varies according to the needs of the individual student

    • Specific exclusions

      Ability to attend a mainstream school

    • Who can refer

      - Families, DHHS, Community Service Organisations, case managers, young people, schools.