1. Drugs and Alcohol

    Drugs and Alcohol

    Use of drugs and alcohol by people of all ages is a long standing community issue. Since 1985 the keystone of the National Drug Strategy has been harm minimisation: potential harms are reduced by strategies ranging from total abstinence to reducing the risks for people or populations who continue to use.

    All drugs are potentially harmful, whether they are legal (alcohol, tobacco, Panadol) or illegal (heroin, cannabis, speed). The risk is determined by three key factors and each influences the others. 

    •    - The Person: their reason for use, their current mood, their health, their expectations, their gender and body mass.
    •    - The Substance: how it is obtained, whether it is smoked, injected or swallowed, the type of drug (stimulant, depressant), the quality and how much is used.
    •    - The Environment: where the person is, what’s going on, who else is present.

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      Drugs and Alcohol

    • CALD Intensive Support Program

      The CALD Intensive Support (CIS) Program offers a culturally specific intensive Drug and Alcohol...

      Eligibility: Primarily clients will have a drug and/or alcohol problem, or at risk of relapsing to be...

      Contact: 9767 8274

      Referral by: - Any agency, community or family member can refer....

    • Engaging Families

      Engaging Families provides outreach and counselling support for families with children under the...

      Eligibility: Experiencing Family Violence with AOD concerns and/ or Mental Health concerns

      Contact: 9705 3200

      Referral by: - Anyone: Agencies and Self referrals