1. Mental Health

    Mental Health

    A mental illness is a health problem that significantly affects how a person thinks, behaves and interacts with other people. It is diagnosed according to standardised criteria.

    One in five Australians will suffer from a mental illness in any given year. 

    mental health problem also affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves, but to a lesser extent than a mental illness.

    Mental illnesses are of different types and degrees of severity.  Some of the major types are:
       - anxiety
       - schizophrenia
       - bipolar mood disorder
       - personality disorders
       - eating disorders
       - depression

    These illnesses may also be referred to as a mental disorder, mental impairment or psychiatric disability.

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      Mental Health

    • Engaging Families

      Engaging Families provides outreach and counselling support for families with children under the...

      Eligibility: Experiencing Family Violence with AOD concerns and/ or Mental Health concerns

      Contact: 9705 3200

      Referral by: - Anyone: Agencies and Self referrals

    • headspace Dandenong

      headspace Dandenong provides young people and their families with access to youth friendly...

      Eligibility: Our services are available to young people aged 12-25 and their carers.

      Contact: 1800 367 968

      Referral by: - There are a number of ways young people can access...

    • Partners in Recovery

      PIR (Partners in Recovery) provides care coordination for people with severe and persistent...

      Eligibility: People who have a severe mental illness such as schizophrenia or bi-polar affective disorder that...

      Contact: 1800 862 363

      Referral by: - Anyone, including self referrals

    • Young Carers Program

      Provides support and information for young carers who look after someone who has a long term...

      Eligibility: Young people aged up to 18 years who live in the Southern region.

      Contact: 1800 052 222

      Referral by: Service providers, schools, families, self-referral