1. Accommodation/Housing/Homelessness


    Homelessness means that you do not have housing that is safe, secure and affordable. Being homeless can include ‘sleeping rough’ (nowhere to stay) or moving from home to home staying temporarily with others (couch surfing). Everyone has the right to have a safe and stable home. If you do not, there are people who can assist.

    At any one time a significant number of people are homeless in this community. Of these, a large proportion is young people who might still be attending school and appear to be living quite normal lives. People try and hide the fact that they are homeless for fear of being judged by others.

    The major cause of homelessness is family conflict/ break down and poverty. Family Reconciliation services are available to assist families to resolve conflict before it becomes too severe.

    Remember that there are services within the community available to assist.

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    • 4C's

      4C's provides short term emergency food relief, no interest loan schemes, chaplain support,...

      Eligibility: Must be in crisis and living in Cardinia Shire.

      Contact: 03 5941 2268

      Referral by: - Agencies

    • Bunurong Health Service/Dandenong and District Aborigines Cooperative Ltd (DDACL)

      Provides - Youth Group, which  can be accessed by younger Aboriginal people, runs on...

      Eligibility: Patients/clients must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Not Indigenous.

      Contact: 03 9794 5933

      Referral by: - Any member of staff or external to the relevant...

    • Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP)

      Youth Links SAAP Team assists homeless and at risk of homelessness young people to overcome and...

      Eligibility: Eligibility determined on assessment through attendance at Drop In services.

      Contact: 03 9547 0511

      Referral by: - Self or via Case Worker

    • WAYSS Youth Support Services

      1. Youth Support Program that provides assessment, case managed support and referrals for young...

      Eligibility: Young people aged 16-25 years who live in or have connections to City of Greater Dandenong, City...

      Contact: 03 9791 6111

      Referral by: Young people can self refer. Referrals from external...